Collection: Makeup

We work with Inika Organic Makeup who are the highest certified beauty brand worldwide. The small logos on their products mean a great deal and they work hard to maintain them. Inika have taken a modern and organic approach to the make up industry that replaces standard beauty products with something naturally extraordinary.

We believe it’s important to know what you are putting on your skin, which is why Inika pride themselves on creating 100% natural products that are effective and completely free of synthetics.

On top of this, Inika carefully assesses the impact that their packaging has on the environment. They are proudly leading the way in sustainable beauty, being the first certified plastic neutral makeup brand globally.

90% of Inika packaging is made from sustainable & reusable materials. They have minimised virgin plastic use by 84%, from 8.1 to 1.3 tonnes. Inika work closely with charities to collect and repurpose plastic: in 2022 they collected 4.7 tonnes of plastic. This plastic is then repurposed and made into fence posts to help rebuild communities affected by flood, fire & drought.