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Massage Mitt

Massage Mitt

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This exfoliating bath and shower mitt is simply worn like a wash glove. Use its natural flax fibres when you cleanse and massage to slough off dry, scaly skin ‚ revealing healthier, more evenly toned skin. Exfoliating
Boosts circulation
Use regularly for a healthier skin tone.
Made from natural flax fibers Tips on massage: With the wet or dry mitt, apply as much pressure as is comfortable. After 5-10 minutes of massage your skin should feel revitalised and be glowing. Massage Mitt care: After using the mitt, rinse it well and hang out to dry. With care and occasional sun drying the Massage Mitt will maintain its invigorating texture. To avoid damaging the mitt‚'s natural fibers, please do not machine wash. Made from natural flax fibres.

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